Gift Ideas For Babies Who Love Music

Baby toy musical instrument

When you’re looking for a gift idea for babies who love music, you have countless options. It seems like these days every toy sings, jingles, rattles, or chimes. Here are my favorite tried-and-true suggestions for my own music-loving baby, separated by price range for easy shopping.

Under $50

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum

When my oldest daughter (now in her mid-teens) was a baby, she had this music kit that consisted of a clear plastic drum that doubled as a storage case for other assorted instruments. When I was putting together the baby’s Christmas list last year, I was hoping to find the same one for her. Although I don’t think the Parum Pum Pum Drum set is the exact same design/brand as the one my oldest had, it’s pretty damn close. I don’t remember anything being significantly different than the older version, anyway.

The baby plays with this set every single day, and has for months. Originally, she took a liking to the “shaky egg” and ignored every other instrument. It’s still her favorite thing in the set, but she will give attention to the other items as well now. This is a great toy for interacting with baby, and I would say it is long-lasting fun from maybe 6 months old or so through toddlerhood. Who am I kidding, my husband and I have fun with it too. It’s great for all ages! Everyone has fun making music together! It’s less than 50 bucks! I’d go as far as saying this is the perfect gift idea for babies who love music.

Under $25

Kick Piano

While my baby didn’t exactly use this for its intended purpose (kicking it), she did enjoy using her hands to play. When she was a newborn without control of her hands, we’d hold it up for her and play the music while she enjoyed the light show. When she started to move her hands intentionally,  a soft press of one of the keys to made the music play. Once she was sitting by herself, we’d strap it to her highchair tray so she could mash on it. Now, the piano is strapped to the side of her playpen and she still plays with it throughout the day.

Under $10

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Starting from the time my baby was just a few months old, this has been one of her favorite toys. She had rattles and other standard infant sound making toys from birth, but she ignored those until months later. Something about this little classical music toy caught her attention anytime it was playing.  The large, sensitive button made it easy for her to press (at that age, whether on purpose or by accident is debatable). The soft lights entertained her, and the beads on the side were great for playing with and/or chewing on. At nearly a year old, she still loves this little toy.