Gift Ideas For Babies Who Love Music

Baby toy musical instrument

When you’re looking for a gift idea for babies who love music, you have countless options. It seems like these days every toy sings, jingles, rattles, or chimes. Here are my favorite tried-and-true suggestions for my own music-loving baby, separated by price range for easy shopping.

Under $50

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum

When my oldest daughter (now in her mid-teens) was a baby, she had this music kit that consisted of a clear plastic drum that doubled as a storage case for other assorted instruments. When I was putting together the baby’s Christmas list last year, I was hoping to find the same one for her. Although I don’t think the Parum Pum Pum Drum set is the exact same design/brand as the one my oldest had, it’s pretty damn close. I don’t remember anything being significantly different than the older version, anyway.

The baby plays with this set every single day, and has for months. Originally, she took a liking to the “shaky egg” and ignored every other instrument. It’s still her favorite thing in the set, but she will give attention to the other items as well now. This is a great toy for interacting with baby, and I would say it is long-lasting fun from maybe 6 months old or so through toddlerhood. Who am I kidding, my husband and I have fun with it too. It’s great for all ages! Everyone has fun making music together! It’s less than 50 bucks! I’d go as far as saying this is the perfect gift idea for babies who love music.

Under $25

Kick Piano

While my baby didn’t exactly use this for its intended purpose (kicking it), she did enjoy using her hands to play. When she was a newborn without control of her hands, we’d hold it up for her and play the music while she enjoyed the light show. When she started to move her hands intentionally,  a soft press of one of the keys to made the music play. Once she was sitting by herself, we’d strap it to her highchair tray so she could mash on it. Now, the piano is strapped to the side of her playpen and she still plays with it throughout the day.

Under $10

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

Starting from the time my baby was just a few months old, this has been one of her favorite toys. She had rattles and other standard infant sound making toys from birth, but she ignored those until months later. Something about this little classical music toy caught her attention anytime it was playing.  The large, sensitive button made it easy for her to press (at that age, whether on purpose or by accident is debatable). The soft lights entertained her, and the beads on the side were great for playing with and/or chewing on. At nearly a year old, she still loves this little toy.

Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Best Friends Pinky Swear

Unique Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend!

Shopping for a birthday or just want to get a little something to say “I love you, friend!”? You’ll find the perfect gift idea for your best friend here! I’ve broken down the suggestions by friend type as well as three separate price ranges, so there is a suggestion that fits every friend and in every budget!

The DIY Friend

Under $100

Dremel Rotary Tool Kit

Don’t scoff. To the uninitiated, at first glance a Dremel kit seems like a horrible gift idea. What’s so exciting about a rotary tool? I’ll tell you what’s so exciting. It can sand, it can cut any number of materials in need of precision cutting, etch glass, carve wood, polish, sharpen other tools, and more. It’s the perfect gift for a friend who doesn’t yet have a similar multi-purpose tool. Not to mention, there are hundreds of attachments to go with it. And who doesn’t love a new attachment every now and then?

Under $50

Dremel Precision Butane Soldering Torch

I swear I’m not a shill for Dremel, they just make so many awesome tools. I’m just a sucker for any tool that can be used for multiple purposes. Their 2000-01 Versa Tip kit allows you to solder, heat cut plastic and wire, burn designs into wood, and so on.

Under $25

Xacto X5282 Basic Knife Set

Everyone has the standard, angled blade Xacto knife. But did you know that you could purchase a kit containing blades of all different shapes and sizes? #allBladesAreBeautiful #sharpAtEverySize

The Friend Who Loves Handmade Things

Under $100

Merino Wool Chunky Blanket

These blankets are super soft, super stylish, and super cozy. You can buy them on Etsy where they comes in a variety of colors and sizes, or you can learn to make one yourself using this video tutorial.

Under $50

A Nip Bouquet

Flowers? Pfft. Instructions here.

Under $25

Homemade Blueberry Jam

Blueberry jam is so easy to make, anybody can do it. You only need a handful of ingredients and a case of canning jars to preserve it in after it’s finished cooking. I’ve used this recipe with great success.

 Delicious looking sandwich with fancy cheese

The Foodie Friend

Under $100

Try The World Box Subscription

Try the World is a subscription food box service which enables you to try a box of selected foods from a new foreign country every month. For just under $100, you can purchase a 3-month gift subscription for your food-loving friend who enjoys trying new things.

Under $50

Le Creuset Stoneware

Any home cook worth their salt knows that Le Creuset is the best of the best when it comes to bakeware. It is also a high-end, brand with high-end prices. However, there are several products that can be had in the $50 and under price range that would make wonderful gifts for people who love cook! I suggest taking a look at their stoneware line.

Under $25

Olivelle Sea Salt Sampler

People who love food also love fancy salt. Himalayan pink salt is particularly popular, but there are so many others to try too. A collection of assorted artisan salts for sodium lovers everywhere is a no brainer.

The Practical Friend

Under $100

Bluetooth Headphones

I don’t think you realize how life-changing comfortable, noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones really are. Personally, I own these Sony headphones which at the moment are a touch over $100, but I have seen them on sale for under. I use them constantly. If I’m at home, I use them to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while I cook. Or connect them to my TV to watch solo while other family members do their own thing in the same room. At work, I put them on and turn up the music to tune out the office chatter in order to focus.

I received them as a birthday gift last year and I have since given the same ones as gifts to two other people. Highly recommend.

Under $50

Roadside Emergency Kit

Soooo…I know most people don’t think of preparation supplies when they think about gift giving. This is a gift idea for the truly practical friend. Being that most people do not have any sort of emergency kit for their car, gifting one to a person who can see the value in such a gift is a great way to say “I care about you and want you to be safe and ready to face anything life throws at you!”. This roadside kit contains the most commonly needed items and a few extras, too.

Under $25

Electric Kettle

Let me tell you something about this little electric kettle. I bought one because I needed a quick way to boil water for my Aeropress since I was sick of microwaving water every morning. (Which, by the way, you’re not actually supposed to do since it can superheat and explode. Fun fact!). Anyway, so I bought this kettle. I mainly chose this one over the other kettles in the same price range because I lights up with a cool blue light while it’s heating the water. Also, it comes in a multitude of awesome colors.

Let me tell you: we are using. this. thing. constantly.  We use it every morning to make coffee (and let’s be honest – several times after that to make more coffee).  It’s used it to sanitize things.  And we use it to heat water to pour into a pan if we need to boil water faster than the stove can.  This kettle gets more use than pretty much any other small appliance I own.  And, seeing it in action has convinced at least 3 other people I know to go get one for themselves.  It is awesome.  Buy it for yourself, and as a gift for your bff.

An adventurous person rock climbing with ropes

The Adventurous Friend

Under $100

Experience Gifts

Websites like let you browse by city/region for experiences rather than physical gifts. Just in my area for under $100 you can: go indoor skydiving, go on various food/wine tours, enjoy lunch or dinner cruises, ride in a race car, go whale watching, sailing, kayaking, indoor surfing, and take numerous private musical lessons. Experiences are perfect gifts for your best friend if they’re the type of person who is always up for adventure. If you’re willing to pay over $100, there are even more options – skydiving and helicopter rides, for example.

Under $50

Mini Road Trip Kit

What’s more fun than a random day trip with your best friend?  Put together a little kit to take with you as you spend some time bonding on a mini-trip someplace close!

  • Gas money
  • Favorite snacks
  • Hand decorated box to put it all in
  • Track list of the playlist you’ve made for the occasion
  • Tickets to somewhere fun (event, museum/park admission, etc)

Under $25

Travel Journal: Exploring the World in Lists

Everyone loves a good list. This little book lets frequent travelers fill in all kinds of lists pertaining to travel and adventuring around the globe! Travel Listography: Exploring the World in Lists